Development Academy




Zone 13 have formed a Development sub-committee, to continue furthering the interest of junior bowls (U18s), U25 bowls plus other identified talented players within the Zone. This initiative also restructures the current format of only overseeing Junior bowlers only and thus leaving still young boys and girls to fend for themselves once they turn 18. 

By doing this we believe we can again start to build our numbers back up to a healthy number and this program should assist to reduce the natural attrition of our junior players once they finish school.


The Committee is as follows:-

Chairman:  Steve Garry (Taren Point) -          Phone: 0439 699 382

                   Ross Bull (Taren Point) -

                   John Benwell (Eastlakes) -



The training dates and other details of the Development program are being formulated at present. The frequency of squad training and other matches will be posted as it comes to hand. That being said, the initial plan of the Development Committee is to structure a number of 2-3 hours training sessions throughout the year at various clubs that are available within Zone 13. These sessions maybe Sunday’s, evenings midweek or midweek during school holidays.

High profile coaches and players have already committed to supporting the program and the development of these squad members. Zone 13 is lucky to have some of the best players in the country that have won World Titles, Commonwealth Games Gold Medals, represented Australia, NSW, etc, etc, and many of these players are already aware of this concept and only too happy to donate some time to fostering bowls within the Zone.


This is where you come in…we need your help too. What we are proposing is offering the opportunity for all clubs within Zone 13 to be in a position to host one or more of these training days at your club for a fee of $250 per session. Whilst Zone 13 itself also has a budget to be spent on this new program, additional funds will allow the Committee to introduce new initiatives and potentially expand the program as well moving forward.

The $250 sponsorship fee will go into the Development Academy budget and will be used on items such as squad equipment, training/practice aids, travel and accommodation for upcoming events, engaging the services of other sports professionals and speakers etc, e.g. sports psychologists and the list goes on.

This small fee allows each and every one of our 19 clubs within the Zone to participate and contribute to the Development Academy. Some of the benefits of being a sponsor of the Development Program include:

• each host sponsorship club will be able to nominate and invite some of their own talented players to be involved in the training session with the high profile coaches

• hosting a training session at your club (approx 2-3 hours)

• players and their families frequenting your club, utilising the facilities, purchasing meals, drinks, etc.

• a pro-active opportunity to promote and market your own club and it’s facilities

• knowing your club is being pro-active in the development of the sport of bowls at all levels

• an attractive proposition to existing members and when talking to and recruiting new members

Please contact the Sports Administrator for any further information or to sponsor one or more of the training days. The dates and times of any training sessions can be decided by agreement with the Chairman of the Development Committee.

As mentioned, this new program is in the evolution phase and will continue to take shape in the coming weeks and months. Any new information will be passed on by you the Delegates.


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